Hip HopScotch Playmat

BHD 49.500

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Have some good active fun with our Hip Hopscotch Mat. Looks almost like chalk on a driveway, but instead, take this low pile mat with a non-skid backing anywhere inside or out. Comes complete with 3 bean bag tossers for individual play, or with friends. A fun way to develop balance and gross motor skills.

Materials polyester and vinyl
Dimensions 80 x 30
Weight 3 lbs.
BJC Barcode

1113211491, 1113211492, 1113211493, 1113211494, 1113211495, 1113211496, 1113211497, 1113211498, 1113211499, 1113211503, 1113211504, 1113211505, 1113211506


polyester and vinyl